Avoid Delays at Airport Security

Many of us take comfort in knowing that airports around the world now have enhanced security measures. However, the fact still remains that going through airport security can be one of the biggest hassles, and greatest causes of stress at any airport. You can make things a lot worse for yourself if you don’t familiarise yourself with the simple rules and procedures that are common across all airports. In this post, I’m going to guide you through these rules and procedures and in doing so will hopefully make your going through airport security a lot easier.

Plane coming in to land

Get There Early

The best piece of advice that anyone can give you where airport security is concerned is to arrive early. You should arrive 2 hours before take-off of a domestic flight, and 3 hours before take-off of an international flight.

Before leaving for the airport, make sure you have your Identification (be it a passport or drivers licence) and your boarding pass on you. I’d recommend placing them all into an easily reached pocket. These are the first things they will ask you for once you reach the security area.

Your items will be Examined

If you have ever been through airport security before, you will know that your entire carry-on luggage will need to go through an x-ray machine. This is to make sure no banned items are brought onto the aeroplane. Some of your items will also need to be placed in separate security bins. This often includes electronic items such as laptops and tablets, and any liquids or gels.

There are now special rules in place where liquids, gels and aerosols are concerned. All liquids must be in containers of 100ml or less. These must then be placed into a 1 litre zip locked bag measuring 20cm x 20cm. Only one bag is allowed per passenger. If you have checked in a bag, you should try to place your liquids in this. If you have liquids that do not fit in the plastic bag, they will not be able to come with you on the flight.

Going through the metal detector

In security you will also be required to walk through a metal detector. It is therefore important that you remove all metal objects from your person. All keys, mobile phones and loose change from your pockets should be removed and placed in one of the security trays. You will also need to remove your jacket, boots and belt. Place all these items in the security tray, and then you will be able to walk through the metal detector. Don’t worry if the metal detector goes off. Jeans and other items of clothing can often set them off.

Banned items

Remember that there are items which are never allowed to be brought onto a plane. Often, this includes anything that could be potentially used as a weapon. If you try to bring your trusty pen knife for example through security, it will not be allowed past security, and you will not see it again. You should therefore leave any items of this nature at home, place it in your checked-in luggage, or be willing to lose it.

Most of us will always see airport security as an extra hassle. It’s important to remember that the security is in place for your own safety. If you know the rules and procedures in advance, you can safe much of the hassle and much of the stress that is usually involved with going through airport security.

When you next plan to go on a flight, remember the rules and procedures beforehand, get through security hassle free and enjoy your flight.