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Where to go in Newcastle

Pick a beach, any beach

Newcastle is literally surrounded by beaches, eight to be exact. You can swim with the locals as the sun comes up or jump on a board to catch the tide. Newcastle is full of culture and the culture is surfing. You can also fish off many of the beaches.

Fort Scratchley

The fort is a magnificent site to see. It is so well kept and maintained. There are tours throughout the Fort including a very cool tunnel tour. Very educational and fun information is packed into the tours. It is like taking a step into history when you are beyond the fortress. And do not miss the view on top of the Fort.

Blackbutt Reserve

If you want to see nature at its best you need to visit the Blackbutt reserve. You will see wombats, emus, kangaroos, koalas, and all sorts of birds that are native to the country. The area is equipped for your mid-day picnic; picnic tables, barbeques, and shelters. Kids can feed the ducks. There is even equipment to play on and a cute shop.

Newcastle Museum

This is an amazing indoor exhibit with plenty of hands on interaction for the kids. There are displays regarding the history of new castle, the industries in the area, as well as a coffee shop for parents to take a break.

The Lock-Up Cultural Centre

There is tons of great information around every corner. Great hiding spots and corners full of what will be an educational experience to remember. There is real history everywhere you look when you are viewing the Lock-Up.

Nobby’s Lighthouse

This beautiful lighthouse will put you in awe just viewing it. This is an ideal lighthouse for photos. You can see the
lighthouse, the rocks, the shoreline, and an amazing view of the water and sky. This lighthouse has been called a
must see of Newcastle.

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