Food, Fun And Sun In Sydney

If you’re only in Sydney for a short while, you’ll need to prioritise what you see. Should you be whizzing by the city with only enough time to see the highlights, make sure to add these places and tastes to your list. Here is Sydney’s best food, fun and sun that would be a crime to miss out on.



Only a sliver of sand separates you from the cool ocean water on this gorgeous beach. Although it’s in close proximity to some of Sydney’s most popular beaches, you can come here and feel a world away. For sand, surf, and sun, Tamarama is a favorite for some obvious reasons.


Easily accessible from the city, Bronte is one of the most popular beaches in Sydney. Here you can bask in the sun, swim in the sparkling waters, catch a wave, or chill at the park and barbeque. Bronte has something for everyone.

Bondi to Coogee Beach

Should you want a tour of more of Sydney’s best beaches just take the 6km walk from Bondi to Cogee. Hot? Just take a dip in the ocean at any time. Hungry? There are heaps of cafes and restaurants alongside the coast. Need a tan? Just relax on the beach for a while and set off again when you’re ready to hit the next stretch of sand.

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach – License: Creative Commons image source

Sites and Activities

Royal National Park

This park quite simply has everything. Rainforest, coastlines, trails, and surf are a haven for any nature enthusiasts, surfers, hikers and bikers. There are waterfalls, waterways and wildlife to enjoy. Whichever activity piques your interest, Royal National Park is likely to accommodate it.

Circular Quay

Many of Sydney’s top sites are concentrated in a small inlet known as Sydney Cove. The founding site of the famous city and of the country for that matter holds some of the attractions that have probably drawn you in to visiting this spot. While you are here you will experience a lively and buzzing place. Take a ferry to the different parts of the Harbour to places like the famous Manly Beach and Taronga Park Zoo to see some real Australian wildlife.

On the southern end of the Quay you will find the iconic symbol of the city and possibly the country, the Sydney Opera House. Grab a ticket if there is a show or just gaze in awe of its remarkable architecture. Take a stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens and enjoy the serenity. While on the northern side take a daring climb up the Harbour Bridge or enjoy just casually walking to the other side while snapping epic views of the city. When you get to the other side, don’t miss out on one of the most visited places in Sydney, The Rocks. Walk through the old and well preserved colonial district, grab something to eat at one of the many cafes, do a little shopping and enjoy the charming historical feel of the area.

There is plenty more to see and do in the area such as museums, pubs, more beaches, the central business district and numerous other attractions. You could spend a lot of time in this area and still not see it all.

Sydney Tower

Want to see more of Sydney’s skyline? The observation desk at Sydney Tower, the tallest in the city, is the perfect spot to get breathtaking views. You can even see the Blue Mountains in the distance.

Blue Mountains:

If you want an escape from the city, head for the Blue Mountains. Here you can take beautiful walks through the valleys and hills to see the famous Three Sisters Rock formation at Echo Point and see some stunning views of the Jamison Valley. While in this mountain range, don’t forget to visit the amazing Wentworth Waterfalls. If you’ve got cash to burn, why not travel through the mountains in style by hiring a limousine from JC Limousines in Sydney.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains – License: Creative Commons image source

Jenolan Caves

For a different experience try exploring the Jenolan Caves. The impressive limestone formations make this oldest open cave system in the world certainly worth a visit.


It would be a shame to leave Sydney without eating some and chips. Enjoy to battered and fried John Dory fillets served with chips, herbed mash potatoes and a salad. Popular and satisfying, this dish can be caught at the Golden Sheaf Hotel.

Throw another shrimp on the barbie.” Typically is a famous saying from Australia known worldwide, but this isn’t what a true Aussie would actually say. We refer to the yummy crustacean as a prawn, so throw one or ten down at the Etch in Sydney because it would be a sin to leave the city without doing so.

Meat Pies. In Aussie slang, meat pies are referred to as ‘Dog’s Eye. You can sink your teeth into this famous Aussie pie down at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels.

While many nations don’t eat their national animal, Australia does and you should too while you’re here. I’m Angus Steakhouse serves these bad boys up cooked medium with plenty of delicious spices. ‘Roos are overpopulated in many areas so don’t feel guilty.

Ready for dessert? Aussies will argue that Pavlova originated in their country, but the nearby country of New Zealand vehemently disagrees. Either way, you can enjoy this popular meringue-based desert with fresh fruit on top at Pavlova Pantry.


The controversial Pavlova – License: Creative Commons image source

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day or so they say. In Australia, we don’t mess around with our beloved Vegemite. So go to the nearest store, grab a jar along with some bread and make this true Aussie breakfast. It wouldn’t be weird to eat it any other time of the day either.

There are of course other foods that Australians call their own such as smoked emu, witchetty grub, barbecued snags (sausage) and even crocodile. One thing is for sure, you will try something new while you’re here, so eat up!