Top 5 things to do in Sydney’s CBD

Sydney CBD is a beautiful and bustling metropolis that’s home to many of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, as well as amazing beaches, restaurants and shopping. Sydney is a deservedly popular tourist destination with many opportunities for once in a lifetime experiences it’s difficult to narrow down exactly what you want to do. With such a multitude of experiences at hand we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to do in Sydney’s CBD.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

1. Sydney Opera House

Undoubtedly the most iconic building in Australia the Sydney Opera House plays a big role in the overall setting of the Sydney CBD. A trip to Sydney is not complete without witnessing this giant of Australian culture up close.

The Opera House is situated about 5 minutes walk from Circular Quay so it’s easily accessible from where ever you are in the city. There are many options for experiencing the Opera House and depending on your interests you can go as in-depth as you like. To experience what the Opera House is all bout you can take a tour or see a show. Or for a quick look, simply walk the exterior and take in the amazing design and architecture of the building. For more information visit the Sydney Opera House website.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Held in a similar vain to the Sydney Opera House the Harbour Bridge is the other striking feature of Sydney’s CBD and although it’s hard to miss there are some unique adventures to be had. It opened in 1932 and links Sydney to the Northern Suburbs. If your a fan of heights or the thrill of being scared of heights then Bridge Climb Sydney offers the unique experience of climbing to the top of the bridge! They offer 3 different packages that explore the bridge in different ways. For more information and to book click here.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

Situated just to the east of the Sydney Opera House the Royal Botanic Gardens are the oldest in Australia and are a great location to take time out from the hectic nature of the CBD. The gardens cover around 75 acres of land so there is plenty to explore and there are some great spots to take the family for a picnic. You can access the gardens for free all-year-round so as well as being a welcome break from the concrete jungle they are also good for your wallet.

4. The Rocks Historic Precinct

The Rocks is a popular tourist area that’s rich in history and in atmosphere. Located just south of the Harbour Bridge and a short stroll from Circular Quay it features old buildings (many of them pubs), narrow cobbled streets and souvenir and craft shops. Make sure you check out the market that happens at The Rocks every Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 5pm. A local favourite for many years The Rocks Market is not to be missed. For more information on The Rocks visit the website.

5. Circular Quay to Manly Ferry

A great way to take in the sights of Sydney is from the harbour itself. Sydney Harbour is considered to be on of the most beautiful in the world so experiencing it from the water is a must for any visitor. Depending on which ferry you take the trip will take between 15 and 30 minutes and as the ferries run regularly you can just head to the wharf at Circular Quay without prior planning. However, if you’d rather plan your trip then you can here. Once in Manly, take a walk to the beach for a swim or head to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary.

Sydney is a fantastic holiday destination and the 5 experiences we have listed are a great place to start when planning your trip to Sydney.